A room of one’s own (laundry).

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In my efforts ┬áto actually get my sodding book finished, I’ve created my own writing space in the laundry room. The smell of laundry is actually really good for the process. Mmm. Laundry.

Alas, poor Bethania!

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I managed to smash my piano last night! Oh noes! I dropped it, in a padded case onto the floor while moving it to a gig.

But insurance!


More writing on the Project today, finishing up the intro to the first act revision.


Welcome to Fifthgate

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Well, here we are again.

This is the new fifthgate.net based on that most dreaded of technologies: WordPress.

With luck, and a following wind, I’m goign to be using this site for its original purpose. I’m going to make it into a blog to capture my general musings and writing, and also to learn the WordPress technology.

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